microntec manufacturer of Deep Hole Drilling Machine


  Established in 1985, microntec, manufacturer for Deep Hole Drilling Machine also make parts hole drill machining.

Excellent for what we do:  microntec Deep Hole Drilling Machine

microntec, machine maker could provide complete customers serive, continues after-sale service like as controller alarm solution, before shipment, we inspect all spindles accuracy inspection, axes servo traverse, machine accuracy inspection, drilled parts accuracy inspection.  In buyer factory, our technicians,microntec, could do machine installation, machine accuracy adjustment, drilled hole parts accuracy adjustment, parts drill training.         

Product: CNC Horizontal Deep Hole Drilling Machine, CNC Gun Drill Machine, NC Molds Drill Machine, Multi Spindles Speed Drill Machine, Precise small hole Drilling Machine, Heavy Duty BTA Central Holes Bore Machine. CNC Off-Center Holes Deep Hole Drill Machine, Bed Type Deep Hole Drilling Machine.


1.) Standard Molds Type four Axes Deep Hole Drilling Machine in drill machining, with milling, tapping head functions. Like as GD-1200HMNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine.

2.) Multi Spindles Central Holes Drilling Machine: Two drilling spindles, Three drilling spindles, Four drilling spindles, for round steel bar center holes drill, comfort for mass productions of hard ware shafts, metal tubes, bicycle tubes, machine spindles drill.  like GD-4S-1000LNC 

3.) Heavy Duty: BTA Drill Machine for the biggest central hole drill with rapid cutting speed, like to bore oil tube. like as BTA-1000

4.) Molds Type, Bed Type Deep Hole Drilling Machine with tilt +-20 degree features to angle holes drill : like heater pipe hole, Heat radiation plate.  like as GD-1500HMT : Tilt Drilling Spindle Deep Hole Drill Machine.

5.) Optioned: 360 degree 1 index Rotary Table by CNC controlled or by pneumatic controlled, drill regrind machine.

6.) Controller: Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Siemens or others at absolute value CNC system, to short hours for parts drill machining. 

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Contact person: Mrs. Julia Peng

company: Chau Yih Shin Co; Ltd.

E-mail: pioneer.yi@msa.hinet.net