Bed Type Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Molds system-Bed type Deep Hole Drill Machine-GD-1500HNC
For small center hole drilling machine
auto.feeding center hole drill machine-GD-CLA-4S-1000

[07] Two Drilling Spindles Small Center Holes Drilling Machine-CNC

To drill center holes: 2mm~25mm
max. drilling depth: ~2000mm
Two Drilling Spindles:
Hydraulic steady rest chuck and manual scroll chucks.
standard equipment: auto. lubrication system, cooler, transformers, doubled chip conveyors and filtering system, CNC absolute operation system.
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A bigger and lengthen Center Hole Boring Machine
Model No. :
GD-1RSM-4000 L / NC
GD-1500 Table Type 2 spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Model No. :
GD-1500 HM / NC
A Bigger & lengthen Center Hole Boring Machine
Model No. :
Precised a small center hole Gun Drilling Machine
Model No. :

Small Order Recommendation

CNC Molds Drill-Deep Hole Drilling Machine-Gun Drilling Mach
Model No. :
USD 999,999.00-999,999.00
Deep Hole Drilling Machine, Gun Drilling Machine, Molds Type
Model No. :
GD-1500 H / NC
USD 999,999.00-999,999.00
Big and Lengthen Center Hole Gun Drilling Machine
Model No. :
GD-1RSM-3000 L / NC
USD 999,999.00-999,999.00
3Table Type Deep Hole Gun Drilling Machine
Model No. :
HGD-1200NC-Long table type-Deep Hole Drilling Machine
USD 120,000.00-120,000.00 116,400.00-116,400.00
3Small mold drill-Bed Type Gun Drilling Machine-NC-CNC
Model No. :
GD-600H / NC
USD 70,000.00-70,000.00 67,900.00-67,900.00