Bed Type Deep Hole Boring Machine-Gun Drilling Machine-CNC
CNC Molds Drill Machine-Bed Type CNC Gun Drill Machine
CNC-Two Drilling Spindles Precision Small Center Hole Drilling Machine
CNC-Four axes a center holes Drill Machine with automatic feeding device
Special Table Lengthen Type - Mold Drilling Machine System GD-2500 HMT / NC

Drilling Diameter: 3-20mm
Max. Drilling Depth: ~2000mm
auto. loading & unload feeding device.
CNC controller absolutely operation.

outer diameter of workpiece: 10mm above.
materials shape: round steel bar
Leave tub thickness: 10mm up

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  • Certification:CE
  • Made In:Taiwan
  • Model No.:GD-CLA-4S-1000
  • MOQ:1 Sets