Table Type Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Multi-spindles Inner elongated Hole Drilling Machine , Central small  holes Boring Machine, Medical tube Horizontal Boring Machine, medical tube drill, bicycle tube, bicycle shafts drill, metal tube drill, Gun Drilling Machine,hardware tube drill
Automatic Feeding Deep Hole Drilling Machine, solid rod drill, steel bar drill, Honing , Reaming, Drilling Machine, shafts drill, spindles drill, Gun Drilling Machine
Special Table Lengthen Type - Mold Drilling Machine System GD-2500 HMT / NC

Bar Type Deep Hole Drilling Machine
To drill inner central hole of steel bar
Hole Diameter:
standard: 4-32mm
Option: 15-80mm
Drilling Length: 1000mm, 1500mm, ~10,000mm
Material hardness : under 32hrc
Accuracy: 0.03-0.05mm /per mm
Made in Taiwan
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