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20 Angle Tilting Deep Hole Drilling Machine-Option CNC 360 Degree 1 Index Rotary Table

  • Model No.:GD-1500 HMT / NC
  • Certification:CE
  • Made In:Taiwan
  • Price:USD$ 999999.0 ~ 999999.0
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Deep Hole Drilling Machine


  • Type:Hydraulic,Other,Pneumatic

Key Features

Featured: 20 Tilting Spindle Table Type Deep Hole Gun Drilling Machine attached lighty Milling & Tapping Features.

The Highest Performance with Rigidity & Stability

1. Product Information
Product Category: Tilting Spindle Table Type Deep Hole Drilling Machines Made-To-Measure
Item:  Mold Drilling Machine System attached lighty milling & tapping: GD-1500 HMT / NC
Brand: microntec

 Business Base: FOB Taichung Taiwan

2. Specification


GD-1500 HMT / NC

Working Range 

Hole Dia. 


Max. Depth 

1000 mm

Worktable Area (Option)

1500*1500 mm



Max. Loading Capacity 

10000 kg


Table (L/ R)  (X Axis)

1500 mm

Spindle Up/ Down  (Y Axis)

1000 mm

Front/ Rear Feeding (Z Axis)

1500 mm

4th Axis (A Axis)  

150 mm

X Axis Ball Screw for Feeds

Ø63 x P10 x C3

Y Axis Ball Screw for Feeds

Ø50 x P10 x C3

Z Axis Ball Screw for Feeds

Ø50 x P10 x C3

A Axis Ball Screw for Feeds

Ø40 x P10 x C3

Controller & Powers

Spindle Motor 

α6/ 5.5 kw

AC Servo Spindle Motor 5.5kw

Max. spindle speed

3600-6000 rpm

2th Spindle motor 

5.5 kw



Max. Tool Diameter 4

100 mm

Spindle taper


X axis Motor 

αc30/ 7.0

AC Servo 7.0 kw

Y axis Motor 

αc22/ 4.0

AC Servo 4.0 kw (With Brake)

Z axis Motor 

αc12/ 3.0

AC Servo Motor 3.0 kw

A axis Motor 

αc22/ 4.0

AC Servo Motor 4.0 kw

C axis tilting 

αc22/ 4.0

C-Axis  - 20 Degrees  /  + 20 Degrees


CCNC Rotary Table 360 degree


1500 *1500 mm  (1 Degrees)

Controller System


CNC  Absolute System


Others Type

Controller System

Min. Setting Unit 

0.001 mm



Drilling Feedrate Traverse 

Drill Speed

1~ 200 mm / min

Special Drill Speed 

1~ 400 mm / min

Rapid Traverse 

Feeding Range 

15000 mm/ min

Rapid Traverse 

16000 mm/ min

Other Powers

High Pressure Motor 

5.0 HP

High Pressure Pump Capacity

Pump Output  19 Liter / min

Max. Pressure  100 kg/c

Coolant Tank  800-1600 Liter

Low Pressure Motor 

7.5 HP

Low Pressure Pump Capacity

Pump Output  61 Liter / min

Max. Pressure  1540 kg/ c

Coolant Tank  800-1600 Liter

Oil Cooler Cooling Capacity 

75009000 kcal/ hr

Chip Conveyor Motor 

0.2 kw

Cutting Oil Percolation Motor 

3/4 HP

Machine Packing List 

Machine Dimensions 


Floor Space 

5500 x 4500 mm

Machine Net Weight 

16000 kg


Standard Accessories 

1. High Pressure Coolant Pump

2. Automatic Lubricator 

3. Chip Conveyor 

4. Tool Box with Tools 

Optional Accessories 

1. Magnetic Separator + Paper Filter Unit

2. Coolant Cooler 

3. Gundrill Grinder 

4. 4th Axis Rotary Table

5. Auxiliary Milling & Tapping Head 


6. All-enclosed Splash Guard

7. CE Certificate



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Product Certification:

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C ,Money Gram
  • Min. Order Quantity:1 Sets


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